Who I am

Welcome to internet home of Carlos’ Photography. I hope you enjoy your visit. I would be very pleased to hear from you if you have any comments or questions – please use the ‘contact’ link above.

With a handful of years of shooting the natural world in all it’s diversity, therapist
and the cycling and all sports events taking place within the Metro area, I feel confident that I can help you make your ideas  in photography come true.This is something that started as a hobby many years ago and have with the time become a little bit more that just that.  Part of my motivation or inspiration I should say, comes from the fact that I regret not having enough memories in photos of when I was little. I think it is sad, and something none should go in life without, photography helps you maintain and hold those precious moments, memories forever. So manny years from now, with wrinkle hands and smile on your face you can show the little ones and say, “I remember that day”
if you allow me, I will only be the instrument that will assist you to achieve that.

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