You will never stop learning..

You will never stop learning..

Its been a long time since my years in classrooms, approved
classes and the never ending thirst for learning something new, denture
something different. The excitement of feeling you are almost there and soon you will get it better and then, cardiologist
if only then.. you will be done with it and you will finally master it.. And then, there is always something else.

This year has been a little slow for me (work wise ) since most of you dont know, I am not a web designer duh! or  will call myself a professional photographer, believe it or not my bread and butter are far from a desk in a air conditioned office or smashing keys while listening to music and not even looking at the keyboard, heck!! I hardly know how to type.

During the season as I call it (Spring, Summer, Fall ) I manage a small but awesome cedar roof company, doing cedar roof restorations wich implies pressure washing, repairs and the sealing of the roofs. I love doing it, not as much because I get to do something different everyday but because I have the privilege to be outside the whole day.  Even though it has only been for nine years I feel very confident and huber experienced and most of the customers are super happy after I am done, that goes a long way with me, makes me feel good about what I do and help to put piece of mind on our clients.

Sorry I got sidetracked  as usual, where I was going with all this is? I have gotten the virus of learning how this word press thing works and so far its been fun. With help of some friends, I now know the difference between a post and a page.

I want to express my gratitude First to Joel Woodward from Joel Woodard Interior Design LLC for all the help, time and patience and Ryan Huffman.

I have never been someone who writes a lot, so I will stop here and share some more another day…

Comments, Ideas and constructive criticism are always welcomed



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